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Did his prophecies come true?

Prophecy No. 4: Patten Perform A Mission.

Details: Joseph Smith made a revelation on April 11, 1838 at Far West, Missouri that David W. Patten would “perform a mission unto me next spring”.


David W. Patten was shot and killed on October 25, 1838 during the Mormon conflict in Missouri, so he was not even alive the next spring.


1. Would an omniscient Lord make that kind of mistake?

2. This prophecy failed.

David W. Patten
David W. Patten[Source:https://alchetron.com/David-W-Patten]
D&C Section 114, vs. 1-2, pg. 234.
D&C Section 114, vs. 1-2, pg. 234.
Birth & Death of David W. Patten
Birth & Death of David W. Patten[Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_W._Patten].